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Synmech Co.,Ltd. Was created in April 2006 to serve the new construction project and also the service and maintenance work in a wide variety of industries with these following products : more detail


Dosing Pump

Milton Roy Dosing / Metering pumps

     Dosing pumps are reciprocating positive displacement pumps with variable flow rates that can be adjusted when the pump is running
or stopped. They are used for accurate addition of liquids to continuous or batch processes. The pumps can handle a huge variety of types of liquid, including normal chemicals plus viscous, slurry-lsden, abrasive, corrosive, pyrophoric radioactive and other substances, and covers flowrates from 0.4 cc per minutes to over 60,000 litres per hour.
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Milton Roy Agitators

  • Maxiing applications : suspension, dissolution, precipitation,
    crystallization, dispersion
  • Axial impeller
  • SABRE® blade propeller : major innovation in mixing (SEM patent)
  • For atank capacity from 30 I to 100 m 3. more details
Milton Roy Polypack

Milton Roy Polypack

  • Compact and functional, suitable for pallet loading
  • Control of maturing time
  • Many configurations and options
  • 3-compartment tank more details


Industrial Valves

Double Block&Bleed/Dual Expanding Plug Valve

  The DAN-EX Dual Expanding Plug Valve, introduced in 1979, was acquired by Western Valve in 2000. It is not a reverse engineered product; DAN-EX was designed by a team of senior engineers as a superior alternative to the original double block and bleed plug valve. more details

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Static Discharge Reels - Conductix

       Conductix-Wamplfer Grounding Reels (also called Static Discharge Reels) Ground potentially dangerous static electricity in hazardous areas, such as refueling stations, fuel trucks, fuel tanks, aircraft, and so forth.They are available in several models and cable lengths:  more details


Washing + Cleaning + Cutting
      Designed for automatic cutting up of large sewage solids into small particles.The communitor is ideal for sewage treatment plants and pumping stations
.more details

Royal Purple Oil

     Royal Purple manufactures high performance lubricants for most automotive, industrial, marine, motorcycle and racing applications. Numerous independent tests and user testimonials document performance gains by using Royal Purple lubricants.
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Enardo Flame Arrestor
      Enardo's plant in Tulsa, Oklahoma is committed to
Providing the highest quality products at the lowest
Possible cost. Strict adherence to ISO 9001 with
constant evaluation of manufacturing methodologies help
us to eliminate waste, maximize product flow and insure
that customer needs are met time after time. Enardo
employees take pride in seeing their suggestions
implemented and making our process better and more
efficient. Our commitment is to provide our customerswith the best products lead times and quality.
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O-Ring Chemraz

    Greene, Tweed partners with customers to provide reliable, efficient answers to their application needs, As a world-class leader in high-performance materials and engineering design skills, we leverage our expertise in a variety of markets and products to give our customers the most innovative and comprehensive solutions to their performance challenges.With our worldwide network of design engineers, Greene, Tweed delivers local technical expertise with a global reach.   more details

    New-Flow Technologies, Inc, is a manufacturer of industrial instruments and products in Taiwan, Since founded in 1980, we have been devoting ourselves to manufacturing instrumentation to meet application requirements in many industries including, but not limited to, chemical, food, oil and gas, and pollution control. New-Flow offers a large variety of products for measurement and control of temperature, pressure, flow, level and valve. At New-Flow, we are committed to manufacturing quality products and to the full satisfaction of our cusomters. New-Flow has been certified as being in compliance with the standard of ISO9001   more details


Wire Rope - Union
    From simple beginnings, Union has grown to be the world's premier wire rope brand. Part of WireCo World Group, Union is now part of the global leader in manufacturing, engineering and distributing wire rope, assemblies, high carbon wire, and electromechanical cable.

WireCo World Group has grown - and endured - to be the largest producer of wire rope and EM cable in the world, offering the broadest product line and best service. With the global reach of WireCo WorldGroup behind it, Union can deliver the right wire ropes for your machine and application no matter where your worksite may be. more details



ZEECO Industrial burners, flares and incinerators.
    By assembling a team of industrial burner, flare and incinerator engineers with years of hands-on experience in the design and operation of complex combustion and pollution control equipment, Zeeco technology continues to surpass the performance of industrial burner, flare and incinerator equipment already on the market and set the standard for the next generation of burners, flare, incinerators and combustion systems. more details



    ECONOWATT  provided dynamic ozone mixing system up to 70% mixing efficiency. There are two difference types of ECONOWATT ozone generator, which are mainly the indoor and outdoor housings. The generator case has been designed by using stainless steel and/or adding epoxy coated color. Thank to the new dynamic mixing system ECONOWATT ozone system is lower in weight and smaller in size when compared to conventional mixing system.

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